MEDIZEN HUMANCARE is a bio company
that specializes in personalized and

customized healthcare.

What is genetic disease risk analysis?

Genetic disease risk analysis is a method of testing for genes associated with the occurrence of a specific disease
by extracting DNA from cells isolated from blood, saliva or tissue.
Heredity is a valuable legacy that passes on characteristics from parents to their children, and genes are the unit of genetic information. Genomic testing is a test that analyzes genes associated with a specific disease by extracting DNA from cells. Human genes are 99.9% identical and only 0.1% different; this small difference, however, determines individual-specific differences in appearance, personality, susceptibility to disease (disease incidence) and drug absorption and response. Therefore, precision healthcare allows the prediction of an individual's genetic disease incidence by detecting many types of disease-causing genetic variants and analyzing their effects through genomic testing. The purpose of genomic testing is to produce "customized medical information" that predicts the risk of disease, and guides the patient in improving or changing his or her lifestyle in order to prevent such disease.

What diseases can be predicted?

How is the testing done?

How is M-CHECK different?

We have conducted studies with bioinformaticians and genetic statistic specialists, and established statistical
analysis algorithms using our own East Asian genomic database, which includes Korean samples.
The results have a high level of accuracy as the analysis is based on clinical data, genomic information and research papers with many of our own racial genetic analysis data and racial DNA samples. Not only will genomic testing enable analysis, it will also enable precision healthcare that interacts with the living environment.


I can prevent sickness from diseases
that occur due to the complex interaction of
disease genes and the environment.


Information-based medicine
that considers personal genetic
information enables the patient to
modify their behavior for the good of
their health.


After understanding the results of
your genomic test, we will provide you
with expert consultation and accurate
guidelines based on the Precision
Healthcare Index.