My Genome Check
Genetic testing is a starting path to our healthy lives.
We provide assistance to the knowledge of how the DNA, a storage of genetic information descended from the ancestors, can affect our lives.
  • - The knowledge of your genetic information is the basis of living a healthy life.
  • - What you wonder about your body is all in your genes.

What is a genetic test?

A genetic test is a test that can predict the diseases that can happen in the future. The genetic factors of cancers, dementia, brain diseases, cardiac diseases, hypertension, and diabetes do not change since you are born. So, a genetic test tests for these congenital genetic factors.


Do I have to get testing services even if I don't have any current physical problems?

Genetic tests have significance in predicting diseases that might happen in the future and preventing them, so it is necessary to get genetic testing services even without any current physical problems. Genetic tests are especially necessary in people who have family history of cancer or chronic diseases.

Can the results of MELTHY be used for diagnosis and medical information?


The results of MELTHY can be used as data helpful in diagnosis and medical information because it predicts the high and low genetic risks of certain diseases based on the analysis results of MELTHY.
The perception of medical care has changed to 'prevention and health care' rather than 'treatment.' The results can be used as information helpful for diagnosis through MELTHY so that examinations and early treatment are possible before the symptoms appear.


What is the difference between M-CHECK and MELTHY?

M-CHECK, a professional service from medical institutions, is a risk analysis service of hereditary diseases using genomic variation packages related to certain diseases through DNA chips or analysis kits.

MELTHY, a personal genetic test, is a service where the customer directly orders the product. It is a lifestyle health service for the management of the areas of health care, including exercises, skin care, and health management, based on the analysis information of personal genes.


What is different from health check-ups?

Health check-ups have the purpose of early detection of diseases and improvement in lifestyle, but genetic tests have the purpose of predicting and preventing the diseases that can happen in the future.


How accurate is the genetic analysis?

Medizen Humancare received the 'P grade,' the highest grade in nonmedical institutions, for two consecutive years in the 'Genetic Test Accuracy Evaluation' performed by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korean Institute of Genetic Testing Evaluation.

The accuracy of the genetic testing services of Medizen Humancare have been confirmed publicly, and we provide the testing services that have public trust to our customers.


What is the scientific basis of the genetic analysis service?

The genetic tests that are done by Medizen Humancare is an SNP genotyping test, which is an analysis method used in GWAS studies conducted by the main institutions around the world since 2007. GWAS (Genome-Wide Association Study) is a study that confirmed the fact that 'partial genetic differences out of the whole genes are associated with certain diseases.' More than 10 years of GWAS research have shown that statistically organized and analyzed hereditary diseases that are common to people exposed to a certain disease is associated with a high possibility.

Disease prediction test enables delaying the disease onset to the maximum or preventing the disease by identifying the risk of disease exposure beforehand by analyzing the main gene loci associated with high possibilities with certain diseases. Algorithms specialized by race around the world are built and used in the analysis, which is based on the cumulative data through more than 10 years of research and the accumulated technologies accumulated by Medizen Humancare.

I am currently pregnant. Can I use the service?

Yes. This service analyzes the samples through the collecting human-derived materials such as saliva or blood, so genomic analysis is possible.