My Genome Check
Genetic testing is a starting path to our healthy lives.
We provide assistance to the knowledge of how the DNA, a storage of genetic information descended from the ancestors, can affect our lives.
  • - The knowledge of your genetic information is the basis of living a healthy life.
  • - What you wonder about your body is all in your genes.

What are some precautions when collecting specimen?

You have to spit out saliva after cleaning your mouth. It is good to collect your saliva 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. Do not drink water or eat food for 30 minutes after brushing teeth to prevent the inflow of other foreign substances.


I have collected my saliva. Until when do I have to send it?

It is best to send the collected sample on the day it was extracted for accurate analysis. But if shipping on the day is not possible, it is recommended to store the collected sample in the refrigerator until you can send it.


How can I send back the kit?


Put the kit in the enclosed bag inside the box we sent you, and send it back to us.


How are the personal information and genetic information about the test results managed?

All information used in the analysis are protected through 256 bit encoding and managed thoroughly by blocking viruses. Also, access privilege to the personal information is permitted to the customer who requested the analysis only. We selected a strong, physical security measures so that no one can have access to the personal information without the customer's request. If you request the personal information to be discarded, we discard it immediately and record and store the matters related to discarding.


How do I get a refund?

If it is not opened, enclose the items in the box we sent you and send it to Medizen Humancare, and we will give you a refund. (You have to pay for the return shipping fees.)

If opened, refunds are impossible.


How can I withdraw my membership?

Go to MY PAGE on the right upper portion on the website, and click the Membership Withdrawal button.


When can I check my results?


Your requested sample (saliva or blood) is analyzed for genotypes within at least 8 days after the incoming date, and you can get your report of results between 1~2 weeks at the latest.


How can I check my results?

Basically, the result is provided as an electronic document, and you can check it on the website result check menu. If you enter your email address when applying for an inspection, we will send you an encrypted result report via email. If you want the result report in hardcover format, you can purchase it separately.