My Genome Check
Genetic testing is a starting path to our healthy lives.
We provide assistance to the knowledge of how the DNA, a storage of genetic information descended from the ancestors, can affect our lives.
  • - The knowledge of your genetic information is the basis of living a healthy life.
  • - What you wonder about your body is all in your genes.

What is a personalized health care program for individuals?


Information about the medications based on genomics associated with drug responses and doses are provided individually, and personalized lifestyle, exercising methods, improvements in eating habits, and customed meals are suggested.

If I participate in the research, how is my personal information protected?

If you agree to the use of your human-derived materials for research purposes, you can decide the preservation period, provision to another person or research, and matters related to personal information processing when provided and discarding. Also, you can withdraw your agreement whenever you want to of the matters you have agreed to. In this case, depending on the characteristics of the research, the processing methods of your human-derived materials, records, and information collected before withdrawal may vary, so you will receive information from the researcher through separate explanations.


Can I participate in the research program at any time?

You can participate and access at any time yourself or through a legal representative to your records of the consent form and the provision and discarding of human-derived materials relating to the participation in this research.


What is a research program?

Research and development must be performed to provide more accurate and advanced genetic testing services. Current genetic tests are like a type of 'present' that became possible through people who gladly donated their human-derived materials for the development in human health decades ago. If you sign the consent form for the research of human-derived materials, we will not discard your DNA after genetic testing and use it in research activities that can contribute to the human health. This research program uses your collected human-derived materials and genetic information obtained from them in researches of diagnosis and treatment development of diseases. Your agreement is voluntary, so ask questions to the consultant of any inquiries and decide after sufficient consideration. Whether or not you agree to this research program does not affect your future tests at all.